Untitled-1elcome to the Resonant Wellness website, my clinic is located in Acton, Ontario. My emphasis is to empower my clients so they have the necessary tools to heal through healthy lifestyle choices. In the clinic I focus primarily on intakes and conversations I have upon our first visit, this is important in order to balance the cause (blockage) of the condition rather than the end resulted symptom. My philosophy is to treat every client individually in order to design a  plan that will be best suited to their needs. I prefer to educate my clients on Holistic preventative methods that balance the underlying disturbance within the body and not the symptom itself. I am committed to providing natural health care in conjunction with your other health care providers to help you reach your health potential. Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit my site have a great day. Best to you in health

Jason Matthews EMP CNP CHCP BFT

Service’s for Weightloss, Stress Management, Quit Smoking, Pain Management, Allergy Testing and Harmonizing, Hormone Challenges, Family Planning

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